Citizen Kane (1941) Gregg Toland ASC

Cinematography Picture Of The Day

May 7th 2013

"I want to make a distinction between ‘commandment’ and ‘convention’ Photographically speaking, I understand a commandment to be a rule, axiom, or principle, an incontrovertible fact of photographic procedure which is unchangeable for physical and chemical reasons. On the other hand, a convention, to me, is a usage which has become acceptable through repetition. it it is a tradition rather than a rule. With time the convention becomes a commandment, through force of habit. I feel that the limiting effect is both obvious and unfortunate. With theses definitions in mind, I’ll admit that I defied a good many conventions in filming Citizen Kane. Orson Welles was insistent that the Story be told most effectively, letting the Hollywood conventions of movie-making go hang if need be." from How I Broke the Rules in Citizen Kane by Gregg Toland

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